Imagine-nation Festival

The Imagine-nation Festival site conveys a layout of a music festival-type event. It includes a countdown timer to build anticipation for fans, a built-in ticketing system to sell tickets and give away vouchers online, and a customized lineup of artists. All of the content you need in one place! A video-on-demand solution is also available so you can continue streaming and monetizing well after the show has ended!


The Forbe Fundraiser demo page is a display of a fundraiser-type event. With an integrated paywall to take donations and give donation receipts, a counter that automatically updates to show your total donation amount, and a testimonial section to let people talk freely about the event


This Corporate Cook-Off demo page models a layout for hosting a corporate or multi-session event, where you have main sessions or stages, and then smaller breakout sessions or mini stages. Showcasing a built-in schedule with links to all of your individual streams, this is a powerhouse solution to your large event!


This page demonstrates a simple and clean canvas to display your stream. With the simple functionality, it makes it a perfect solution if you want to give your viewers basic access to your content.


A slightly more complex version of our single-stream demo, this allows your viewers to choose the stream they want to view. Unlimited options, and full control. Have multiple stages at a music festival that need to be streamed simultaneously? This is your solution.


Our most powerful streaming site we have to offer for multiple simultaneous sources. Are you needing to stream an event utilizing multiple camera angles, and want to let your viewers choose which camera they want to see? This is it. Get creative with your stream and make it interactive! Our interactive video selection tool provides a synchronized library of your footage so that when you make the switch, you don’t miss anything.


A music festival based in Arkansas, this site is a working example of our ticketing and video-on-demand features. Users can pay a flat fee to view the concert as a whole, or individual artists, billed separately.

An event produced and presented by Bubble Boy Productions in Houston, TX. Another great example of our integrated ticketing system. This site is also an example of the customizable options for your landing page! Observe the moving elements and interactive features. We took the elements from the original event poster to create this page.

Whiskey Ranch Events is a site created to promote events held at this distillery in Fort Worth, TX. Not only did we handle the design of this collection of pages, utilizing their current branding assets, but we also integrated our ability to sell tickets to events and handle all of the proceeds. We are more than just a live streaming platform. We are a complete event solutions company!