Imagine-nation Festival

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8:00 pm


Rage and Thunder the band are local to CO and have taken the nation by storm with their highly electronic influences and melodic rock undertones. They put on the show of a century and love audience engagement so much, they make it a part of their show. Feel the rage on the mainstage! Stream starts at 8pm!

9:00 PM


Lenzo and his group, f.k.a. Fractile Party, started in the 80s in an abandoned airplane hangar on the westside of Philidelphia, with nothing but ambition and some catchy guitar licks. Stream their show at 9pm on the Back Lawn stage for some incredibly ambient rock and psychedelic dances. 

10:30 PM


If you love creative dance, catch INZANE DNCE CRW on the mainstage at 10:30pm and join in at home! There will be fun musical arrangements, an inzane (get it?) light show, and it’s an event the whole family can participate in! Catch the Imagine-nation Festival online!

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